I am a multi-media artist, poet, performer, and educator, with a BFA in printmaking and drawing, an MFA in mixed media and fiber.  My work follows an inner, meditative process using self-made and found images as collage material.  Much like sifting through a cup of tea leaves for fortune, I sort through images I've collected letting a felt sense guide the collage process. Like a jigsaw puzzle of the soul, finished work arises intuitively without preplanning as I cut and glue images into an expressionistic whole, which then serves as a map for drawing over the collage. 


Through including printed mass media images for collage,  I strive to transform commercial images into meditative imagery inspired by nature-based, spiritual beliefs rooted in those of indigenous Old Europe.  One church or belief system is not reflected in my work,  which is inspired by multiple, intersecting threads of spirituality that have enriched my life since an early age while living in multi-cultural community among varying spiritual beliefs.

Curriculum Vitae

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