Initially, my collages takes form by by setting an intention based upon my daily meditation practice and each collage evolves spontaneously without plans for a final product.  As I apply additional layers on a collage, my choices become more thoughtful, yet each collage reflects a process of chance: a visual improvisation somewhere between nigh-time dreams and waking thoughts that mirror feelings about my place in the world.


 My intuitive process of cutting, tearing, piecing and re-assembling used paper, fabrics, and other materials echoes the process of birth and renewal amidst death and chaos present in life on earth as well as the larger universe.   Recently, I have begun selectively drawing over collages with paint markers connection patterns and images I seen in each collage.  I am beginning to  laminate, stitch, and embellish collage surfaces with materials that range from traditional materials, like beads, buttons or shells, to including non-traditional materials, like office, school and building supplies.  


When a piece seems finished, I sense the same feeling of energized stillness and inner quiet I experience after meditation.  In fact, I feel each piece is an active meditation of resiliency, which reflects the circle of life and life's ongoing spiral of constant endings and ongoing renewal.

© 2018 Gretchen A. Steele